Born in North Philadelphia and raised in various towns around the city, J Mano a Laotian-American rapper has been seeking to become a very successful hip hop artist. From writing his raps in a composition book at 11 years old, to recording freestyles over hip hop beats for over 10 years, music was the only way to express his thoughts through difficult times. 

Growing up in a Laotian household with both parents, and a younger sibling, there was always financial struggle which led to fights within his family and caused them to move to different apartments in and out of the city. During these times, J Mano grew ambitious towards the hip hop music scene and since then, writing and recording has been non stop for the rapper. 

J Mano has always been Inspired by the success stories from his favorite artists such as 50 cent, Meek Mill, Lil Uzi, and many more. Adapting to the culture as an Asian American, his sound could be versatile from having a laid back flow to a catchy melodic sound

Currently working on building his following from ground up in the music business, watch J Mano strive hard to achieve his goals into becoming a successful hip hop artist. We can join him on his path to success as he is building his craft by freestyles on major hits to creating original projects of singles and albums.